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website and web app development

Website Maintenance

Your website is the storefront of your business online. We maintain your website, keeping it current and effective for bringing in business.

social media marketing and strategy

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not about the number of followers your business has, it’s about creating a network of loyal relationships that results in a return on your investment. Social media can be used to meet business goals, and we’ll prove it.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the magnet that attracts new visitors to your site. When done correctly and in compliance with search engine standards, it can be the driving force behind profits and business success for years to come.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

The online world touches almost every part of your customer’s life, and the options for reaching them are endless. But not every option is right for every business or budget. We navigate the endless sea of the internet and chart out a digital strategy that leads straight to your business objectives.

Building your brand online has never been so exciting.

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Live With Constitution

These four principles are the foundation of the work we do at American Made Digital.



You buy American made because the products are strong, carefully crafted, and built to last. Why should your website and online presence be any different? We value American quality and hard work, and everything we do must meet or exceed that standard.



America is built on innovation and we’re always striving for better. The digital world of the internet is the same way. It is changing and evolving by the minute, bringing new opportunities to the businesses poised to take advantage of them. At American Made Digital, we stay at the forefront of innovation so your business can focus on what it does best. And we only provide relevant, current services and products that can compete in the changing online world.



Buying American made products show a commitment to a stronger, healthier economy and community. We commit that we will never outsource overseas, that we will always be a company that delivers 100% American made services and products. We are committed to investing in our country, and being a part of building stronger communities.




Working in the digital marketing industry for so long, we’ve recognized the need for a digital marketing company that is honest, and that businesses can trust. When you work with American Made digital, expect integrity. And expect results.

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