Remove Your Page From Facebook Business Manager With This Easy Hack

Remove Your Page From Facebook Business Manager With This Easy Hack

Facebook revealed a new portal for businesses to access their Facebook pages last year called Facebook Business Manager, to help Facebook page admins to manage all of the activity surrounding their page. And they have started to prompt Facebook page owners to opt in.

The problem is, that once you opt in to the Facebook Business Manager, you can’t opt out. This tool is not for everyone, and for most page owners the Business Manager is not necessary. One of the main complaints page owners have is that they can’t access their page through their Facebook profile, which puts a barrier between posting content and interacting with fans in real time.

Thankfully, there is a hack that will free your Facebook page from the bondage of Facebook Business Manager by creating a dummy Facebook page to take it’s place.

Keep in mind, this is a hack, so it is not an elegant solution, and Facebook may catch on and try to prevent it from happening. But hopefully, they will instead give people an easy way to opt out of Facebook Business Manager.

Here’s a step by step guide:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon and go to Business Manager Settings

Remove Facebook Business Manager

Step 3: Click on the Pages tab.
Step 4: Click on the “Add New Page” button
Step 5: In this step you are going to create a dummy Facebook page. Click “Cause or Community”, since it’s the option that asks you for the least amount of information. Type any name you want, like your dog’s name.
Step 6: Go to the Info tab.
Step 7: To the right of where it says Primary page, click on the little pencil to edit.
Step 8: Type the name of your dummy Facebook page in the box, then click save.
Step 9: Click on the Pages tab.
Step 10: Click on the Facebook page that you would like to liberate.
Step 11: Click the “Remove Page” button to the right of “Assign Agency.”

You’re free! Refresh your personal Facebook feed and you will again see it in the Pages section.

Hope this helps!